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Dizzy Spells

Magic Spells

Gregory Spade

Sonny Spells

Laying down the heaviest funk, sparkling disco, juicy electronica while playing in the cracks of the country, The Love Tailors blend a wild fusion of sound that lifts all crowds.

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CC Brez

A perfect storm of groove and melody, they traverse worlds from sly stone to frank Zappa, and the multiverse in between. High funk at its finest.

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For many years they watched from afar, ocassionaly descending to earth to inject some love into the people but never letting the soles of their flaming funktry boots touch terra firma thinking that would be enough to keep the funktry fluktuations in balance.

But what in the name of all things funktry is goin on here... this joint is waaaaaaaay out of whack!

The Tailors have had to enter the laboratory and create a GPS for your mind. They will the deliver the first of a trilogy of emissions that you can keep for yourself and use whenever you need to repitch and retune your cosmic vibrations.

It will come in the form of a three minute musical pill and in line with the Ocatve Doctor's recommendation should be reministered, deministered and administered as often as possible.

Richie Monster

The love Tailors are funk with a capital F. Whatever "it" is they have it. In abundance. If you love music do yourself a favour and check them out, you won't regret it.

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"It's Educational!"

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